Rose Variety List

Below is a selection of photographs of our most popular roses, photographed during summer 2017. These are some of our more popular bush, climbing, rambling and patio varieties but we have many other varieties available.

Don't forget that we are also able to bud other varieties upon request, and have many contacts across the industry from which to gain budwood of lesser known, or more historical varieties.

Rosa 'Yellow Mutabills'

Rosa 'Yardley Baroque'

Rosa 'White New Dawn'

Rosa 'White Max Graf'

Rosa 'Wendy Cussons'

Rosa 'Wedding Bells'

Rosa 'Warm Wishes'

Rosa 'Twice In A Blue Moon'

Rosa 'Twenty Fifth'

Rosa 'Togmeister'

Rosa 'Tickled Pink'

Rosa 'Thinking Of You'

Rosa 'The Perse Rose'

Rosa 'The Duchess Of Cornwall'

Rosa 'Tall Story'

Rosa 'Sweet Dream'

Rosa 'Susan'

Rosa 'Surpassing Beauty'

Rosa 'Super Star'

Rosa 'Super Fairy'

Rosa 'Super Excelsa Copy'

Rosa 'Super Dorothy'

Rosa 'Summer Wine'

Rosa 'Summer Sunset'

Rosa 'Summer Sunrise'

Rosa 'Sugar Baby'

Rosa 'Suffolk'

Rosa 'Storm Cloud'

Rosa 'Starry Eyed'

Rosa 'Star Appeal'

Rosa 'Stanwell Perpetual'

Rosa 'Stanwell Perpetual Copy'

Rosa 'St Ethelburga'

Rosa 'St Clare'

Rosa 'Special Occasion'

Rosa 'Special Child'

Rosa 'Souv St Anne's'

Rosa 'Souv Du Docteur Jamain'

Rosa 'Souv De La Malmaison'

Rosa 'Sophies Perpetual'

Rosa 'Sophie's Perpetual'

Rosa 'Sir Frederick Ashton'

Rosa 'Simple Peach'

Rosa 'Shropshire Star'

Rosa 'Showmee Sunshine'

Rosa 'Showmee Music'

Rosa 'Show Me Sunshine'

Rosa 'Seventh Heaven'

Rosa 'Scentimental2'

Rosa 'Scentimental'

Rosa 'Scented Memory'

Rosa 'Scented Garden'

Rosa 'Scented Carpet'

Rosa 'Sarah Van Fleet'

Rosa 'Sapphire'

Rosa 'Sally Holmes'

Rosa 'Saddler's Wells'

Rosa 'Ruby Anniversary'

Rosa 'Roundelay'

Rosa 'Rosemary Rose'

Rosa 'Rosa Virginiana'

Rosa 'Rosa Rugosa Typica'

Rosa 'Rock And Roll'

Rosa 'Robin Hood'

Rosa 'Rhapsody In Blue'

Rosa 'Revel Dijonnais'

Rosa 'Remembrance'

Rosa 'Red New Dawn'

Rosa 'Red Letter Day'

Rosa 'Red Blanket'

Rosa 'Red Abundance'

Rosa 'Raymond Carver'

Rosa 'Rambling Rose'

Rosa 'Rachel'

Rosa 'Queen Mother'

Rosa 'Princess Of Wales'

Rosa 'Polar Star'

Rosa 'Poetry In Motion'

Rosa 'Pippin'

Rosa 'Pink Grootendorst'

Rosa 'Phyllis'

Rosa 'Phyllis Bide'

Rosa 'Peter Beales'

Rosa 'Perle D'or'

Rosa 'Perennial Blush'

Rosa 'Perception'

Rosa 'Penny Lane'

Rosa 'Penelope'

Rosa 'Pearl Drift'

Rosa 'Paul Shirville'

Rosa 'Paul Neyron'

Rosa 'Partridge'

Rosa 'Parkdirektor Riggers'

Rosa 'Papa Meilland'

Rosa 'Oranges & Lemons'

Rosa 'Oh Wow'

Rosa 'Nyveldt S White'

Rosa 'Nozomi'

Rosa 'Norwich Union'

Rosa 'Nevada'

Rosa 'Nelsons Pride'

Rosa 'Nelson's Journey'

Rosa 'Nathalie Nypels'

Rosa 'Natasha Richardson'

Rosa 'Narrow Water'

Rosa 'Mutabills'

Rosa 'Mum In A Million'

Rosa 'Mrs Oakley Fisher'

Rosa 'Mrs John Laing'

Rosa 'Morning Jewel'

Rosa 'Moody Blue'

Rosa 'Mme Louis Leperriere'

Rosa 'Mme Isaac Pereire'

Rosa 'Minerva'

Rosa 'Midnight Blue'

Rosa 'Mermaid'

Rosa 'Meg'

Rosa 'Masquerade'

Rosa 'Martin Frobisher'

Rosa 'Margaret Merril'

Rosa 'Many Happy Returns'

Rosa 'Mama Mia'

Rosa 'Maigold'

Rosa 'Lydia Rose'

Rosa 'Loving Memory'

Rosa 'Lovely Lady'

Rosa 'Love Knot'

Rosa 'Love & Peace'

Rosa 'Little White Pet'

Rosa 'Little Rambler'

Rosa 'Little Cherub'

Rosa 'Lilliana'

Rosa 'Lichtkonigin Lucia'

Rosa 'Leverkusen'

Rosa 'Lets Celebrate'

Rosa 'Lets Celebrate Copy'

Rosa 'Leah Tutu'

Rosa 'Lavender Lassie'

Rosa 'Lavender Ice'

Rosa 'La Sevillana'

Rosa 'Knock Out'

Rosa 'Kitty's Rose'

Rosa 'Kent'

Rosa 'Kathleen'

Rosa 'Karlsruhe'

Rosa 'Julia's Rose'

Rosa 'Josephine Bruce'

Rosa 'John Cabot'

Rosa 'Jill's Rose'

Rosa 'Jen's Munk'

Rosa 'J.moreau'

Rosa 'Ivor's Rose'

Rosa 'Irene Watts1'

Rosa 'Irene Watts'

Rosa 'Inspire'

Rosa 'Ingrid Bergman'

Rosa 'Indiana Mae'

Rosa 'Indian Summer'

Rosa 'Iceberg'

Rosa 'Hunter'

Rosa 'Honorine De Brabant'

Rosa 'Honeybun'

Rosa 'Highgrove'

Rosa 'Happy Wedding'

Rosa 'Happy Retirement'

Rosa 'Hannah Gordon'

Rosa 'Hanky Panky'

Rosa 'Handel'

Rosa 'Gruss An Aachen'

Rosa 'Grouse'

Rosa 'Grosvenor House'

Rosa 'Great Ormond Street'

Rosa 'Golden Wings'

Rosa 'Golden Melody'

Rosa 'Golden Jubilee'

Rosa 'Gisela's Delight'

Rosa 'Ginger Syllabub'

Rosa 'Ghislaine De Feligonde'

Rosa 'Friendship Of Strangers'

Rosa 'Frensham'

Rosa 'Francis Dubreuil'

Rosa 'Francis Copple'

Rosa 'Francesca'

Rosa 'For Your Eyes Only'

Rosa 'Fond Memories'

Rosa 'Flower Power'

Rosa 'Flower Power Gold'

Rosa 'Flower Carpet Scarlett'

Rosa 'Flower Carpet Red Velvet'

Rosa 'Flower Carpet Pink'

Rosa 'Flower Carpet Gold1'

Rosa 'Flower Carpet Gold'

Rosa 'Flower Carpet Coral'

Rosa 'Flower Carpet Amber'

Rosa 'Fiona'

Rosa 'Fimbriata'

Rosa 'Festive Jewel'

Rosa 'Ferdinand Pichard'

Rosa 'Fellowship'

Rosa 'Fellowship Copy'

Rosa 'Felicia'

Rosa 'Faithful Friend'

Rosa 'Fairy Snow'

Rosa 'F J Grootendorst'

Rosa 'Eyes For You'

Rosa 'Eye Of The Tiger'

Rosa 'Everst Double Fragrance'

Rosa 'Evelyn May'

Rosa 'Evelyn Fison'

Rosa 'Eva'

Rosa 'Etoille Hollande'

Rosa 'Ena Harkness'

Rosa 'Elizabeth Of Glamis'

Rosa 'Elina'

Rosa 'Eclair'

Rosa 'Ebb Tide'

Rosa 'Easy Going'

Rosa 'Dublin Bay'

Rosa 'Dream Lover'

Rosa 'Dorothy Perkins'

Rosa 'Doris Tysterman'

Rosa 'Disco Queen'

Rosa 'Diamond Eyes'

Rosa 'Diamond Days'

Rosa 'Desprez A Fleurs Jaune'

Rosa 'Della Balfour'

Rosa 'Danse De Feu'

Rosa 'Danae'

Rosa 'Dainty Bess'

Rosa 'Crimson Sweet Dream'

Rosa 'Crimson Glory'

Rosa 'Crimson Cascade'

Rosa 'Creme De La Creme'

Rosa 'Coral Dawn'

Rosa 'Congratulations'

Rosa 'Comtesse Vandal'

Rosa 'Compassion'

Rosa 'Colby School'

Rosa 'Clarence House'

Rosa 'Chrysler Imperial'

Rosa 'Chocolate Buttons'

Rosa 'Chicago Peace'

Rosa 'Chewton Rose'

Rosa 'Cherry Bonica'

Rosa 'Cheerfulness'

Rosa 'Charlies Rose'

Rosa 'Chanelle'

Rosa 'Champagne Moment'

Rosa 'Centinaire De Lourdes'

Rosa 'Celine Forestier'

Rosa 'Casino'

Rosa 'Buff Beauty'

Rosa 'Brush Strokes'

Rosa 'Broadlands'

Rosa 'Bright Ideas'

Rosa 'Breath Of Life'

Rosa 'Bonica'

Rosa 'Blue For You'

Rosa 'Bloom Of Ruth'

Rosa 'Blanc Meillandecor'

Rosa 'Birthday Girl'

Rosa 'Beartrix Potter'

Rosa 'Ballerina'

Rosa 'Awakening'

Rosa 'Astronomia'

Rosa 'Armada'

Rosa 'Archiduc Joseph'

Rosa 'Antique'

Rosa 'Anthony'

Rosa 'Anna Pavlova'

Rosa 'Amanda'

Rosa 'Aloha'

Rosa 'Allen Chandler'

Rosa 'Alister Stella Gray'

Rosa 'Alison'

Rosa 'Alfred Sisley'

Rosa 'Alfred Columb'

Rosa 'Absolutely Fabulous'

Rosa 'Abbies Rose'

Rosa 'A Whiter Shade Of White'